Vanity Jenkins


My background in education and leadership coaching gives me a rich experiential landscape from which to cultivate effective team and individual engagement with the Changing the Face of STEM project. My goals as a coach and educator are centered on the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusiveness in education and education leadership. To this end, I have completed extensive training in Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, human-centered design, and restorative practices. Recognizing that culturally relevant teacher engagement and ongoing professional development are crucial to effective classroom outcomes, I have developed expertise both in managing this engagement and in utilizing metrics to quantify and improve upon this engagement. I have devoted my work to focusing on teachers and the quality of education they are equipped to offer within their particular, local context.

As a facilitator with URU The Right To Be, Inc., I draw upon my full professional experience in building and harnessing effective relationships, communication, and self-awareness, as well as in management and coaching, to offer a well-rounded, evidence-based approach to facilitation with a focus on engaging under-resourced communities. Crystal’s work with the Changing the Face of STEM initiative promotes the broader work of equity, supporting both the STEM skills and the relational skills necessary to enable future leaders to take their next steps on the path of educational achievement. I look forward to continuing our collaboration in this endeavor.