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For over twenty years URU The Right To Be, Inc. has effected change by uplifting and encouraging positive perspectives and action oriented dialogue. Heightening consciousness around ideas and social issues affecting the community.  Show your support for advancing education through art-related events, hands-on training for inner city youth, and instructing the public on subjects beneficial to the community by making your donation today. If you don’t help, why would anybody else? All our programming is free and open to the public. Your donation makes a difference!


It takes a village to raise a child’ and it takes a community to nurture the next generation of leaders. Have a positive impact on your community as a URU Volunteer. You can affect constructive change by sharing your time and talents with one of the local or national URU initiatives. Be one of our school partners. Join our mentoring programs. We seek energetic and highly motivated Volunteers to be integral members of the URU projects teams who work everyday to ensure that each of us are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers!


URU has a nationally recognized Internship Program that trains and mentors the next generation of community leaders. Employ one of our Interns at your organization. As a host to one of our enthusiastic and professional Interns, your organization gains the contributions of a conscientious and hard working young person with specific objectives to learn and apply new skillsets.


Bring one of our events to your city. URU The Right To Be, Inc. documentaries and educational media are valuable resources to inform and affirm diverse communities across the nation. URU offers a variety of arts inspired community engagement programs including; films, interactive activities, educational curricula, professional development workshops, and mentoring opportunities. URU ‘s creative catalog features; “Black Women In Medicine”, “Deadliest Disease In America”, “This is Where I Live” and many more socially relevant multimedia projects.