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Abel Asafere

Successfully Transitioning Business Online

Founder/Trainer of ReVamp Fit

Abel Asafere shares how he quickly moved his new fitness business online during the pandemic. He reminds us to practice COVID-19...

Ali Nasreddin Whatley

From the Mouth of Babes

HS Student

Young Ali Whatley is wise beyond his 16 years. A very articulate young man, Ali shares his perspective about COVID-19 and urges young and...

Alphonso Gibbs, Jr.

COVID-19 Spread in Black and Brown Communities is Preventable

Clinical Social Woker

Alphonso Gibbs Jr. knows we want to get back to gathering, but now is not the time. While preventative measures may not look cool, they stil

Amanda Mena

Es Un Tiempo Muy Dificil Para Todo El Mundo


Amanda Mena insta a todos a tomar las precauciones de seguridad COVID-19 y mantenerse a salvo.

Amanda Mena

It's a Tough Time for Many People Around the World


Amanda Mena urges everyone to take the COVID-19 safety precautions and stay safe.

Ana L. Nogales, PH.D.

No Se Desesperen

Psicóloga, presentadora de radio

Dra. Nogales nos recuerda que no debemos vivir en pánico y desesperación. Mantener una actitud positiva es importante para nuestra salud. Pa

Ana L. Nogales, PH.D.

Do not Despair

Psychologist, Radio Host

Psychologist Dr. Nogales reminds us not to live in panic and despair. Staying positive is important for our health. We will get through this

Andrys Reyes

Esto Solo Está en Nuestras Manos

La Tia de Amanda Mena

El mensaje inquebrantable de Andrys Reyes nos recuerda que la prevención de COVID-19 está en nuestras manos. Practique siempre medidas...

Andrés Guerrero

El Hombre de la Ciencia

Educador Científico

Educador cientifico Andrés Guerrero explica por qué la ciencia en torno a COVID-19 sigue cambiando. Andrés ofrece una gran demostración de m

Asa Harris

Taking the Bus


Asa Harris has to use public transportation to get to and from work. Fear of COVID-19 has forced him to walk long distances to avoid taking

Brandon Ruiz-Williams

No Equal Treatment Under COVID-19


Deaf activist Brandon Ruiz-Williams breaks down systemic racism and the over representation of African Americans in COVID-19 fatalities.

Brandon Ruiz-Williams

Sabemos muy bien que no nos trata por igual


El activista sordo Brandon Ruiz-Williams rompe el racismo sistémico y la sobrerrepresentación de afroamericanos en las muertes por COVID-19.

Brian Gibbs, Ph.D.

What is the First Thing You Do When You Get in a Car?

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant

Dr. Brian Gibbs brilliantly makes the analogy between wearing seatbelts and wearing a mask as a preventative measure against COVID-19. He sh

Bruce Bellamy

All We Have Is Each Other

Filmmaker, Artist

Filmmaker and artist Bruce Bellamy reminds us that the measure of a society's worth is how well it takes care of its most vulnerable citizen

Chanel Richmond

It's Hard to Believe We are Living in the Middle of a Pandemic

Public Health Advocate

As unbelievable as this moment in time feels, Chanel Richmond tells us, it is happening. Get with the program: keep yourself and others safe

Charles Whatley

Why the Rush?

Economic Developer

Economic Developer Charles Whatley speaks very clearly about the economic impact of COVID-19 and the rush to reopen.

Cherokee The Artist

Loss Is Real

Singer, Artist

Cherokee The Artist shares a very personal experience of the devastation COVID-19 can cause.

Christine Swanson

What You Can Do

Filmmaker, Writer, Director

Highly acclaimed TV and film director Christine Swanson gives a very clear message on how to stay safe against COVID-19.

Courtney Nicole

Wash up your Forearm, Germs Travel!


Courtney Nicole, new star of Tyler Perry's show Assisted Living, keeps it straight - let's use our basic COVID precautions and get these...

Crystal J. Alexander

Back to School

School Administrator

School administrator Crystal J. Alexander urges all families to follow the CDC guidelines to make going back to school safe.

Cynda Williams

This is Personal

Actress, Singer, Radio Personality

Actress, singer, and radio personality Cynda Williams opens her heart and shares how this disease has impacted her life and devastated...

Dalia Phillips

We Have a Common Enemy

Actress, Writer, Producer

Actress, writer, and producer Dalia Phillips reminds us that COVID-19 is our common enemy. But will we not be defeated.

Dean Louis Martin-Vega

Essential Does Not Mean Expendable

Dean of Engineering at North Carolina State University

Dean of Engineering at North Carolina State University Louis Martin-Vega puts into perspective why many minorities are vulnerable to COVID-1

Decano Louis Martin-Vega

Esencial no Significa Prescindible

Decano de Ingeniería de la Universidad Estatal de Carolina del Norte

Decano Martin-Vega pone en perspectiva por qué muchas minorías son vulnerables al COVID-19. Muchos de nosotros somos trabajadores esenciales

Donna Walton PH.D.

Persons with Disabilities are Especially Vulnerable

Representing women and girls with visible disabilities, Dr. Walton urges COVID-19 safety precaution measures.

Dorothy Jones-Davis Ph.D

What If Your Loved Ones Got COVID-19?

Maker, Scientist

Dorothy Jones-Davis grounds us in a very sobering thought, how COVID-19 can harm those we love. The good news is you can help stop the sprea

Dr. Joycelyn Elders

Telling It Like It Is

Former Surgeon General

Renowned former Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders tells it like it is when it comes to COVID-19.

Dr. Karen Webster

Black Lives Matter

Medical Doctor

Dr. Karen Webster does not mince words. COVID-19 is nothing to play with. Protect yourselves. Protect your communities. Black Lives Matter.

Dr. Matthew Montgomery

Do Your Part

Medical Doctor

What does Corona Virus feel like? Be aware people not showing signs can still spread the virus. Dr. Montgomery shares his experience....

Dr. Matthew Montgomery

We are all on the Front Lines of COVID-19

Medical Doctor

Dr. Matthew Montgomery explains that we are all on the front lines of this pandemic. Practice the recommended precautions.

Dr. Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez

COVID-19 is Still a Threat

Medical Doctor

Dr. Verduzco-Gutierrez reminds us that COVID-19 is impacting our communities. Do what you can to keep yourself and our communities safe.

Dr. Monique Gary

Fight Back against COVID-19

Medical Doctor

Dr. Monique Gary breaks down how COVID-19 is ravaging the Black community. She urges us to fight back!

Dr. Parikshit Deshmukh

Support the Mental Health of Our Seniors

Geriatric Psychiatrist

COVID-19 in impacting the mental health of our seniors. Dr. Deshmukh understands the stress our seniors are experiencing in assisted...

Dr. Pilar Ortega

The COVID-19 Threat Is Very Real

Emergency Room Doctor / Educator

Dr. Pilar Ortega knows the threat of this virus is very real. Unfortunately, it has not been treated with the seriousness it deserves...

Dr. Safiyya Shabazz

We Must Take Care of Our Communities

Medical Doctor

Physician, Dr. Shabazz reminds us not to wait for others to protect us. We must protect ourselves against this pandemic.

Dr. Velma Scantlebury

The Pandemic Affects Us All

Transplant Surgeon

As a surgeon, Dr. Velma Scantlebury knows first hand how dangerous COVID-19 is.

Dra. Adela Valdez

Escuche Una Historia - Caperucita Roja

Decano Asociado de la Facultad de Medicina

Dr. Valdez cuenta su versión del cuento clásico de Caperucita Roja.

Dra. Pilar Ortega

La amenaza de COVID-19 es muy real

Médica de urgencias

La Dra. Pilar Ortega sabe que la amenaza de este virus es muy real. Lamentablemente, no se le ha tratado con la seriedad que merece...

Dra. Pilar Ortega

Atención médica en la sala de emergencia

Médica de urgencias

Este es un momento difícil para ir a la sala de emergencias porque sus seres queridos no pueden acompañarlo. Incluso al admitir a un niño...

Dra. Pilar Ortega

Sé tu propio héroe

Médica de urgencias

En momentos como estos, tenemos que ser nuestro propio héroe. Tome medidas para protegerse contra COVID-19. Use su máscara correctamente...

Irving Wladawksy-Berger

COVID-19 ha acelerado la economía digital


"Irving Wladawsky relata que COVID-19 ha acelerado la transición a una economía digital y tenemos que asegurarnos de no quedarnos atrás...

Irving Wladawsky

COVID-19 Has Accelerated the Digital Economy


Irving Wladawsky relates that COVID-19 has accelerated the transition into a digitial economy and we have to make sure we do not get left be

Jarvis Green

It's Not a Hoax

Former New England Patriots Superbowl Champion

Former New England Patriots Superbowl champion Jarvis Green is a straight talker and pulls no punches. COVID-19 is not a joke and it's not a

Jay Jordan

We Stay Vigilant

Dir. Californians for Safety and Justice

Jay Jordan knows first hand how devastating COVID-19 can be. 2020 was going to be a big year for California for Safey and Justice....

Jimmy Locust

One Nation Under a Groove

World Famous Choreographer

World famous dancer and choreographer Jimmy Locust knows we all want to get back to being out in the world like we were pre-COVID-19.

Juan Figueroa

The Pandemic is Far from Over

Former Health Foundation Executive, Public Health Advocate

Don't Be Fooled, coronavirus infection numbers are rising and disapportiately effecting Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous communities. This pa

Julian Moiwai

It Will Take Our Whole Village

Multi-Media Content Producer

No one is coming to save us. It will take our whole village to keep ourselves and each other safe from COVID-19.

Julian Moiwai

Necesitamos a todo nuestro pueblo

Productor de contenido multimedia

Nadie viene a salvarnos. Se va a necesitar que nos uníamos todos para mantenernos a nosotros y a los demás a salvo del COVID-19.

Karissa Culbreath

How I Protect You

Chief Medical Director of Infectious Disease Diagnostic

Karissa Culbreath has been working on running tests and tracking diagnosis since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her entire focus...

Keith David

Bishop Greenleaf - Dramatic Interpretation


Keith David’s character on the hit OWN network TV series Greenleaf, Bishop James Greenleaf, reminds us that we are not having physical chu..

Keith David

Don't Be Fooled


Don't Be Fooled, the country may be opening up, but COVID-19 still poses a danger, specially to communities of color. Actor Keith David...

LA City/County Native American Commission

We Are Resilient


Practicing physical distancing and proper handwashing is an act of LOVE: For our languages, For our culture, For our knowledge keepers...

Magali Martin

Los Niños Se Están Perdiendo Programas Esenciales

Fisioterapueta pediatrica

Magali Martin entiende que el virus es peligroso y afecta de manera desproporcionada a la población hispana. Ella está particularmente...

Margarita Sophia Cortes

Wear Your Mask!


We may be done with the pandemic, but the pandemic is not done with us. Publicist Margarita Cortes shares her concerns and optimism.

Margie Seabrook

Stay Safe. This is Serious.

Former New York City Employee

Margie Seabrook had a harrowing experience with this deadly virus. Luckily her loved ones survived, she knows others who did not...

Mitty Owens

We Must Fight for Our LIves

Community Developer

We are fighting for our lives on many fronts. Mitty Owens urges us not to let our guard down when it comes to COVID-19.

Mitty and Naia Owens

This is the Fight of Our Lives

Father and Daughter

Naia has learned from her elders and Mitty wants to be around for his daughter. Wear your mask!

Naia Tafarah Ownes

Don't Let COVID-19 Be Another Reason to Mourn

High School Student

Don't let COVID-19 be another reason to mourn the loss of Black lives. Do what you can to protect you and your loved ones from COVID-19 by t

Orlando Yarborough

We Must Take Matters into Our Own Hands

Biomedical Scientist

Science doesn't lie and neither does Orlando Yarborough. He carefully lays out the danger COVID-19 poses and what we can do to protect...

Parnell Damone Marcano

Music Brings People Together


Parnell Damone Marcano, actor on the hit OWN TV series, relates how music brings people together and we need that connectedness right now to

Quincy K. Brown PH.D.

Quarantine Fatigue


Engineer Dr. Quincy K Brown relates to quarantine fatigue via TikTok and banana bread.

Rama Jawara

It's Safe to Visit the Dentist

Dental School Student

Rama Jawara along with her nephew Hudson, reminds us of all the precautions she takes working in a dentist office...

Randall Davis

Horror Show

Writer, Father

Randall Davis, a writer and father, points out COVID-19 may be a horror show, but you do not have to be the star.

Rashele Yarborough

Do Your Part

Medical Doctor

As a doctor and a parent, Dr. Rashele Yarborough conveys how important that is she keeps herself, her patients and her family safe from COVI

Rev. Karen Whitney Curry

Who's That Masked Woman?

Reverend, Poet

Rev. Karen Curry brings her passion, poetry and creativity to this COVID-19 prevention message.

Ronald Seabrook

The Lingering Effects of COVID 19

COVID-19 Patient

Ronald Seabrook gives his first-hand account of what it feels like to have COVID-19. Even after 5 months since his initial infection...

Ruby Avery

Young People Must Take COVID-19 Seriously

Howard University Student

Ruby Every sees a lot of people her age going out an acting like COVID-19 isn't a risk. But, her university is now online because of the...

Sage Fortune

It Might Feel Post COVID

2020 Howard University Graduate

Recent Howard University graduate Safe Fortune reminds us that it might feel like a post COVID world, but people are still losing their...

Sandra Begay

The Why


Navajo engineer Sandra Begay addresses Native American communities and why we take certain precautions to stop of the spread of COVID-19.

Sonya Gray

We Must Practice Physical Distancing

Public Health Administrator

Sometimes words can be confusing. Public health administrator Sonya Gray emphasizes why the phrase physical distancing rather than social d

Sydney Hamilton

Problem Solved

Aerospace Engineer

As an aerospace engineer, Sydney Hamilton is used to solving problems. When it comes to COVID-19, there are simple ways to stay safe.

Tanayi Seabrook

The film and TV industry Take COVID Seriously

Actor, Producer

Tanayi Seabrook is back to work on set and the film industry is taking COVID-19 very seriously. If we all stay as vigilant, we can stop this

Uriah Monk

This Thing Is Not Going Away in 2021 If...

Multimedia Artist, Student

Uriah Monk is not taking any chances and is always prepared to protect himself and his loved ones from COVID-19. If we all follow...

Valeria Sinclair-Chapman

No One is Coming to Save Us

Academic, Professor

Professor Valeria Sinclair-Chapman is clear and to the point. Wear your mask. No one is coming to save us. We must save ourselves

Whitnie Payne

It Hits Us Harder

Real Estate Agent

Whitnie Payne is calling on you to be accountable in the world of COVID-19. Practice being a better human and prevent the spread of COVID..

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