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Our Humanity is a transformative risk-communication, and risk-reduction education and prevention initiative in communities of color. The effort is designed to directly reach deeply and educate Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous communities about the coronavirus, slowing its spread, and strengthen communities of color against the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Humanity works in four key areas to equip communities in better responding during this unprecedented crisis: developing and deploying effective risk communication strategies to help people find credible information including multimedia campaigns and virtual town halls, implementing COVID-19 risk reduction intervention programs, increasing access to -- and participation in -- COVID-19 testing and flu vaccinations, and education about COVID-19 vaccinations and rollout.

Program Approach

Our Humanity creates and disseminates culturally-specific risk communication materials designed specifically to reach people of color throughout neighborhoods, reaching people where they are. The effort mobilizes at a community level, engaging entities including faith-based organizations, public housing communities, homeless shelters, public health-oriented organizations, community advocacy and outreach organizations, and other community entities in education and prevention interventions.

Program Overview

Program Impact

URU’s Our Humanity reaches over 3 million people directly and an additional 4 million indirectly through information sharing, awareness, and community mobilizing. Our Humanity disseminates urgently needed COVID-19 information through a robust and multifaceted range of information channels and tactics.


You must register yourself or your organization with URU. By registering, you acknowledge that you have read the toolkit and agree to uphold the core principles and mission of the Our Humanity transformational movement. By entering your information, you are “taking a pledge,” and therefore are granted access to our materials. Once you have completed your registration, you will receive a link to the catalog of videos and printable PDFs.

Town Halls

Virtual Town Halls with medical doctors take place every other Monday at 7pm in English and alternating weeks on Tuesday evenings at 7pm in Spanish. Town Halls are open to all, join us and bring your COVID-19 related questions and learn the latest about the vaccine and other topics.

Risk-Communication Artwork

Our Humanity’s wide array of tailored and culturally sensitive visual communication materials include:

  • Online catalog of video messages and print material (available to all with email registration)
  • Large posters and signage to be displayed on location in frequently visited community spaces
  • Customized flyers to be utilized and distributed by partner organizations; customized with specific contact information for a point of contact within each organization
  • Wallet-sized fact cards with COVID-19 information including safety measures, protocols, and reminders
  • Social media and other digital assets

Facts and questions


What is Our Humanity?


Our Humanity is a risk-communication and risk-reduction education and prevention initiative designed to combat racial disparities in COVID-19 cases and deaths. COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on our entire country, but it has hit communities of color the hardest.

Where can I watch the PSA videos?


The complete directory of PSA videos can be found on the Our Humanity page at urutherighttobe.org.

How can I share these videos?


Videos are accessible through the video directory on URU’s website. You can share Our Humanity PSA videos on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,etc.), through email lists and electronic newsletters, or through personal correspondence (emails, text messages, etc.).

Where can I learn more about COVID-19 prevention and safety?


You can keep up to date on COVID-19 safety guidelines by visiting the websites of organizations such as National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Minority Quality Forum (NMQF), and American Public Health Association (APHA). You can also check local guidance about testing, reopening, and travel. Links to these organizations’ websites are provided below:

How can I help?


There are numerous things you can do to help further the mission of Our Humanity.Some examples are provided below.

Make sure that your family and friends are following the protocols to slow the spread of the coronavirus. This means wearing masks in public, washing hands frequently, and practicing physical distancing from people not in one’s household.

Reach out to one or two people each week and check in on how they are doing.The isolation and economic difficulties brought on by the pandemic have taken a serious toll on many people’s mental wellbeing. We can do much to improve this simply by staying connected and listening to each other.

VOTE. We need to elect leaders who understand and care about the many disparities faced by people of color in the US. We need leaders who will listen tous and work on our behalf. Real change will require reforms to our laws and policies. It is essential that we express ourselves and our needs by voting in elections from the local to the national level.

our sponsors


A special thanks to:

Sandra Begay, M.S.

Maureen Hunters, Ph.D.

Camara Jones, M.D., Ph.D.

Shanina Knighton, Ph.D., RN

Thomas Laveist, Ph.D.

Charles Whatley

Our Humanity is funded in part by:

  • Alexion Charitable Foundation
  • The California Endowment
  • The Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut
  • The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
  • Connecticut Community Foundation
  • Connecticut Health Foundation
  • Eder Family Foundation
  • Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
  • Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation and Tufts Health Plan Foundation
  • Hispanic Federation
  • Roslyn Milstein Meyer and Jerome Meyer Foundation
  • State of Connecticut
  • William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund
  • Yale Community for New Haven Fund
  • William Graustein
  • Yale New Haven Health

Program Partners


Our Humanity is implemented in conjunction with local, state, and national level faith-based organizations, public housing residencies, health centers, and other community entities. Below is a portion of collaborating entities:

Albuquerque Partners

  • Casa del Rey Ministries
  • Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Nation & Cochiti Pueblo
  • South Valley MainStreet
  • United South Broadway Corporation
  • University of New Mexico School of Medicine

Connecticut Partners

  • A Kidd From New Haven
  • Beulah Heights First Pentecostal Church
  • Casa De Oración Y Adoración
  • Church of God in Crist – Connecticut Chapter
  • Community Action Agency of New Haven
  • Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center
  • Elm City Communities
  • Howard K. Hill Funeral Services
  • New Haven Fire Department
  • New London NAACP
  • Michelle’s House
  • Walls Clarke Temple AME Zion Church
  • Yale School of Medicine Minority Organization for Retention and Expansion (MORE)

National Partners

  • Alliance for Safety and Justice
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • American Indian Science and Engineering Society
  • Black Public Media
  • The Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology (Arizona State University)
  • Cheryl Duncan & company PR
  • Creatively Speaking
  • The Divas with Disabilities Project
  • Get Us PPE
  • The Link Up for Black Health Professionals
  • Medical Organization for Latino Advancement (MOLA)
  • National Academy of Medicine
  • National Minority Quality Forum (NMQF)
  • National Urban League
  • National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
  • New York Women’s Foundation
  • Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College
  • The Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist Church
  • The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. (PAW)
  • Salud America!