January 29th – 30th 9:00 EST

Building Bridges:

The Power of the Sisterhood

What are we afraid of? What dangers do we anticipate? What are the fears that are preventing white women and women of color in STEM from being effective allies? We fear that we will not be taken seriously; that we will not receive the same respect as our male peers; that our accomplishments will not be recognized. We fear that we will be judged for our appearances. We fear that we will be perceived as bossy or emotional, or else timid and weak.

The patriarchy is alive and well in the world of STEM, because we have all had these experiences of being pushed to the margins, we are afraid that there is not enough room for all of us. And if we believe that someone else’s gain is my loss, then we may come to fear each other. But let us be clear: we are all here to stay, so we must make room to honor all our sisters. We are too smart, talented, creative, strong— we are too valuable — to assimilate ourselves to the oppressive treatment within our chosen professions.It is time for us to be proud of who we are and the work we do.

It is time for us to come together as sisters to support one another, to lift each other up, to know that your gain is my gain and your success is my success. It is time for us to draw upon the power of the sisterhood to reach our fullest potentials, to accomplish what others believe impossible simply because they haven’t seen it yet. This is what Building Bridges: The Power of the Sisterhood is all about.

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