Ted Maynard

Executive Producer

As Executive Producer, Ted Maynard ensures the technical and creative excellence of all URU’s productions and presentations, in all media. He partners with and guides the URU team to use new media techniques and applications to educate audiences intellectually while moving them emotionally. Ted was one of the producers of the documentaries Black Women in Medicine and The Deadliest Disease in America, and has worked on numerous other URU productions over more than 15 years.

Outside of URU, Ted is the owner and executive producer of the Media Arts Center, a state-of-the-art production and post-production studio in Hamden, Connecticut. He has over 25 years of experience in video production, editing, and graphics, and has worked on thousands of shorts and commercials, as well as several award-winning films. His work includes the films Guadalupe, Liberating a Continent, A Plea for Peace, Everyday Heroes, and A Century of Hope.