Natalie Conneely

Development Lead

Natalie Conneely was born in the lowland jungles of Eastern Bolivia, the 7 of 8th children telling stories, producing and acting at a young age. Natalie studied Film, Television and Theater & Political Science at the University of Notre Dame. She began her career in corporate news production and business development with CNN International in Europe, Middle East and Africa in 2007. Upon returning to the US in 2012 Natalie began producing and acting in short films, webisodes and feature films. She also began working in philanthropy and social impact, largely around storytelling and films.

Natalie has advised nonprofits that are aligned with her values on development and sustainability. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Pachamama Sabia, a production organization that leverages the power of stories for social impact and is Co-Founder of the Hollywood Compassion Coalition, an industry movement for social good by merging science and storytelling.

Natalie is proud to lend her talents to further the mission or URU to foster more unity and compassion by bringing diverse people together and honoring our unique differences that make up the beautiful world we live in today.