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The Deadliest Disease in America

The Deadliest Disease in America, is a new documentary film that includes workshops developed to reduce barriers of access to health careThe Deadliest Disease in America is a thought-provoking film that, together with intensive workshops, highlights clearly the unequal treatment that individuals often receive based on color.  This program is used to help community members and health care professionals understand how to identify racism in the health care system, and what to do about it. With both individuals and institutions ready to take responsibility for overcoming racism in our society, this is a crucial time to address racial and ethnic inequities in comprehensive health care reform.

Vision, Mission, Strategy

Our vision is to eliminate racism in society.
Our mission is to expose racism in health care delivery.
The strategy we use to realize our vision and accomplish our mission is to empower individuals, through film, workshops, and a leadership program, to take actions at the individual, organizational, and public policy levels in order to overcome racism in health care delivery.  We will act as a catalyst to bring together different organizations and individuals who are working towards the same goal: a more humane America.

URU, The Right To Be, Inc., is a public, non-member, charitable 501(c)3 organization.